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May 27, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/27/2014


Let’s pretend just for a moment that you’re a fetus, warm and comfy in your momma’s belly. Now let’s pretend you exist because your mother was raped.

On the rare chance the rapist is caught, tried and convicted, he will spend a year or two in jail and then be on his merry way.

You, on the other hand, for your part in this saga, my wee little friend, could well be executed.

Nick Harris


Levin should resign

Recently on Fox News: It has been revealed that Sen. Carl Levin D-Mich, is involved in the IRS scandal. Re: the targeting of conservative groups, to hold up or deny them tax-free status.

If this is true, then Carl Levin should immediately resign and refuse to take life wages and benefits for his position as Senator, of which he was elected by his peers to execute his duties honorably and with integrity.

Why? Because he failed and is no better than the many politicians on both sides that had disgraced their office by immoral and dishonest activities.

If Sen. Levin has any shred of decency about him, he will resign in disgrace.

Sen. Levin, by his own hand, has placed himself in this position. Can’t blame George Bush for this one.

Ronald Hatt

Traverse City

Pier smells fishy

A few thoughts concerning the grant from the Great Lakes Fisheries for a feasibility study to build a 550-foot fishing pier at the West Bay Boardman River area.

It would be more economical to supply 30 fishing boats for public use than build a structure that will impact natural currents, boating lanes and the aesthetics of the uninterrupted shoreline.

Once a pier is built the natural progression will be to access it for multiple uses. I can already hear the potential future discussions on how to organize events to draw the public and tourists for economic gain, like a location for multiple pier fests or art shows on the pier, not to mention sun bathers, bikers andskate boarders. We’ll have to have some pier police.

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