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May 25, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/25/2014

Re-establish festival

The National Cherry Festival was initiated to celebrate local farmers, fruit and the labor of harvesting the cherries.

The Heritage Parade and the Mummers Parade have been eliminated. This makes it less fun, less about local farm history and less about the labor to harvest the crop. Corporate America is here now.

The Fourth of July should be totally separated from the Cherry Festival to allow veterans their own parade and day.

The National Cherry Festival should run for only one week in total in the third week of July so our local harvest can be seen, local fruit can be used and the reason for the festival re-established.

The present festival is totally wrong. It is too big, too expensive, too corporate, too long, involves too much that has nothing to do with the reason it was started. Cherry Festival needs to be scaled back to its roots with even honoring the Mexicans who have come here for generations to help with the harvesting.

Bring back the Mummers Parade and the Heritage Parade. If corporate America wants to throw money around here, have them help pay for the police overtime that it will take to bring these parades back.

Grant Kent Keyes


Phones affect courtesy

While driving next to a Missouri man yesterday I noticed he was texting while driving for over one-half mile. People were trying to get his attention but he didn’t even know they were around.

This brought a few questions to mind. Have you been cut off lately? Has anybody made an abrupt turn in front of you, with or without a turn signal? Has anyone ever crossed the yellow line coming at you? Ever have to toot your horn at someone who sits in a green light?

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