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May 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/15/2014

Leave guns at home

Like most Traverse City Area Public Schools parents, I received an email from Superintendent Steve Cousins regarding the carrying of firearms on school property. It seems there have been inquiries.

Michigan law allows people with concealed carry permits to open carry guns on school property. While acknowledging this, Mr. Cousins asked gun owners to consider the anxiety they could cause to students if they chose to exercise this right, and that a school could go into lockdown if someone entered the property carrying a firearm.

He was very diplomatic about this. I don’t have to be. If you are such an ignorant person that you think your right to carry your gun trumps my children’s right to be educated in a safe, gun-free environment, you are exactly the kind of person who should not be carrying a gun.

You can shout all you want about how you know your “rights,” but you clearly have no idea about your responsibilities — to society, to children and to your fellow human beings. People like you are Exhibit A refuting the whole “an armed society is a polite society” nonsense.

Leave your guns at home and out of my kids’ lives.

Daniel Myers

Traverse City

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