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May 11, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/11/2014

A life-saving option

Compassion and generosity are hallmarks of motherhood. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, there is a singularly meaningful way that expectant mothers can show compassion and give hope to people in need: by donating umbilical cord blood.

Cord blood, normally disposed of after birth, is unlike any other blood donation. It can be the only potentially life-saving treatment option for thousands of patients suffering from truly devastating blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma.

The donation process is simple and can be arranged months in advance. It doesn’t affect labor or delivery, and is safe for moms and babies.

When you donate your baby’s cord blood to a public cord blood bank, such as Michigan Blood Cord Blood Bank, you pay nothing. Your baby’s cord blood will be listed on the national Be The Match Registry where it is made available globally to anyone in need of a transplant.

I wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day - and thank you for considering a gift of life and hope through a public cord blood donation.

For more information, contact the Michigan Blood Cord Blood Bank at (866) 642-5663 or, or visit

Lee Ann Weitekamp

Grand Rapids

The writer, a medical doctor, is vice president of Medical Services for Michigan Blood

Consider the cost

The Empire Village Council is making a decision that will change the character of our beautiful Lake Michigan park and the character of the whole village, with their awareness that they are willingly becoming “unfriendly” by initiating paid parking at the park.

Council used taxpayer and grant dollars to make substantial improvements to an already beautiful park. Now council is upset because more enjoy it and costs are up. There always have been costs, paid by taxpayers, in owning these six-plus acres on Lake Michigan.

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