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May 8, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/08/2014

Stop the gimmicks

It’s been a month since Charter’s rollout of their “new and improved” 100 percent digital format. Is it just me or is the silence deafening?

Our household has five TVs (three are wall-mounted analog sets used less than an hour per month). As such, we are not eager to pay an additional $250 each year for three new digital boxes. Charter offers businesses a cheaper, smaller, “no-frills” solution. It’s called a Digital Transport Adaptor (DTA). It’s slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes. Google “Pace DC60xu” and watch the You-Tube video. I use it every week at the gym and love it. Comcast offers it to their customers. Why not us?

An email to Charter’s Regional Manager Bill Morand brought a quick and sympathetic response but disappointing news: this DTA and its simpler remote is not available to Charter’s home market. Unlike the much larger standard-issue cigar box, this DTA is much easier to mount behind wall-mounted TVs or on exercise equipment.

Charter, stop the “gimmicks” (shopping mall, sweepstakes) and focus on your customers’ real needs! If you don’t take care of us, someone else surely will (one way or another).

Mike Peron

Traverse City



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