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May 2, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/02/2014

Who will you blame?

Well, have the “Powers that B” learned anything yet? I have lived in the Traverse City area all of my life; this past winter has been very similar to the winters I grew up with. Never did this type of flooding occur when Brown Bridge dam was here.

You all better start using a little common sense before removing the remainder of dams. Get smart — put the funds that you “love” spending into getting Cass Street up and running, not tearing it down.

I fear that Traverse City will be under water and then who are you going to blame, Mother Nature?

Tracey Cejda



Merely sanctimonious

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Perhaps the Record Eagle’s apocalyptic and apoplectic editorial on Nolan’s cigar bar will resonate somewhere with someone, but I doubt it. There aren’t many people who go through life worrying that they will be forced to buy shoes in a cloud of cigar smoke exuding from a clandestine bar in the back of the store. There are even fewer who feel entitled to eat steak in a cigar bar sans cigar smoke. There are almost none who will forgive the Record-Eagle for taking a cheap shot at an outstanding member of the Traverse City community who has been instrumental in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

The Record-Eagle could have done its readers a favor if, before spewing nonsense, it had read the statute which entitles Mr. Nolan to a liquor license. Legally, the city was in no position to deny the license, and denying it would have ended in litigation that the city could not have won. The three “no” votes on the city commission were merely sanctimonious gestures.

P. David Vinocur

Traverse City

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