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May 1, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/01/2014

Missed the mark


The Record-Eagle’s April 18 editorial headlined “Cigar bar liquor license a smoking ban loophole” misses the mark. The editorial admits Michigan lawmakers “exempted cigar bars” when they passed the smoking ban.” Nonetheless, you assert it was error to have “granted cigar store owner Mike Nolan — who holds a state cigar bar license — a liquor license so he can create a bar where patrons can smoke high-end cigars and drink” alcohol.

Stated differently, Michigan’s law permits cigar bars, and what Mike Nolan has done is within the scope of the law, but you do not like the law. This does not form a proper basis for attacking Nolan’s lawful activities. You are free to advocate changing the law but, right now, it permits Mr. Nolan to do what he plans to do.

Anyway, drinkers who do not want to imbibe in the presence of cigar smoke can go to one of the many non-smoking bars in town. Similarly, if enough people want to smoke in the absence of alcohol, someone can open a cigar store that is not a cigar bar. This is called freedom and capitalism.


Ralph A. Mittelberger




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