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April 30, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/30/2014

Opinion is incorrect

The Record-Eagle published an editorial opinion April 18 expressing their analysis of lawmakers’ intent in passing Public Act 188 of 2009. This opinion is very simply incorrect. The exemptions in the Act allow tobacco stores and cigar bars to continue to do business.

The Act defines a cigar bar as:

(d) “Cigar bar” means an establishment or area within an establishment that is open to the public and is designated for the smoking of cigars, purchased on the premises or elsewhere.

In a memorandum released by the Michigan Department of Community Health, the director asserts, “if cigar bars meet all of the requirements in section 12606(a)1, then they are exempt from the smoking ban in parts 126 and 129 of the Code.”

Furthermore, the Record-Eagle’s shoe store example is not relevant. The act specifically addresses and defines cigar bars in order to allow liquor or food service in locations exempted by the Act.

The director also states, “Every word of a statute should be read to give it meaning; thus, interpretations that render words unnecessary or meaningless must be avoided.”

Perhaps the editorial staff at the Record-Eagle should read the Act before publishing an opinion.

Michael Nolan, Owner

Nolan’s Tobacconist

Traverse City

Shame on us

Of course there won’t be enough money to support Social Security in the future. We have eliminated nearly 60 million potential workers who would have been paying into the program for these last 40 years.

We did not consider their value; we have only considered them as inconvenient.

Shame on us.

Rosalie Ehl


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