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April 25, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/25/2014

Coal dock to Elmwood

Traverse City has a full slate of unfinished projects and a questionable track record of efficiently planning and executing past projects. Just look at the waterfront development project. What have the citizen’s received for their years of patience? A water feature that threatened the health of its users, a brick walkway that offended Native Americans and a contract for the refurbishing of the Con Foster Building that was never read.

Sell the coal dock to Elmwood Township. Let them incorporate the area into their park plans and let it become a wonderful public place in only a few short years.

Jack Eitniear

San Antonio, Texas

The writer is a former Traverse City resident.

Don’t forget Heilmann

Thanks to Rob Ford (April 19 column) about the voices of Detroit Tigers baseball. The voice and person of Ernie Harwell will stay with us for a long time while we more and more appreciate our current announcers.

But let us not forget another famous voice of the Tigers, Harry Heilmann, who could make a dull game or ticker tape game as exciting as though one was sitting in the front row of the old Tiger Stadium or Navin Field. There are a few of us left who honor him although his style was very different from that of Ernie.

Arthur O. Van Eck

Fife Lake

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