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April 21, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/21/2014

Check the logs

Twenty years ago I used to work out of Kalkaska for a wireline company that ran corrosion detection logs in oil and gas wells in northern Michigan, as well as across the nation. That type of log is also run in pipelines. Those tools can find pits on the outside, as well as the inside, of pipe. Past logs are compared to newly run logs to determine the rate of degradation of the pipe.

Those are the logs needed by Enbridge to calm the people of the state. Enbridge, turn those logs over for independent analysis. Prove that the pipelines are safe, as you claim they are. Do it.

Mike White

Bois Blanc Island

The writer is a former resident of Kalkaska.


On a slippery slope

Mr. Alstrom’s April 9 letter calling the controversy over Traverse City Area Public Schools funding of an election mailer “much ado about nothing” requires a response.

Michigan’s Secretary of State has ruled that this TCAPS-funded mailer was a violation of campaign finance law.

Sadly, I am not surprised to hear of a fellow citizen dismissing settled law as a nuisance. In the past five years we have watched a president and attorney general picking and choosing the laws that they feel inclined to enforce in their efforts to advance their progressive agenda. One example is the Affordable Care Act, which Mr. Obama touts as “settled law.” Despite this pronouncement he has unilaterally suspended many parts of this law in his efforts to minimize its toxic effects on upcoming elections.

Without the rule of law our nation becomes yet another ungovernable entity subject to the whims of tyrants and the mob. Unless and until citizens wake up to this fact we are irretrievably headed down a slippery slope with chaos being the result. I fear we are already on our way.

Mr. Alstrom and any others with such a careless disregard for the law need to wake up.

Diana Zapalski

Traverse City

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