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April 19, 2014

Letters to the Editor 04/19/2014

Champion reason, logic

Finally, some common sense in a public agency. I applaud the Grand Traverse County Road Commission for their private sector approach to the off-season: layoffs.

Any small business owner can relate to the logic that if there is no work for your employees, then they simply don’t come in. Why should the government be any different?

In bits and piece, we see local agencies stepping up with new ideas to improve efficiency in their departments. These approaches deserve support and praise, not criticism. New ways of thinking, departures from the status quo and creative ideas can be the instruments of change that many citizens are waiting to see in their local government. Let’s champion these attempts at logic and reason in government, it just makes common sense to me.

Alisa Kroupa

Traverse City

Roads a disgrace

Recently there was an article about the powers-to-be in the Grand Traverse area saying that we are to receive approximately $2 million from the state. The powers-to-be were trying to decide what improvements they could make to our parks.

After the big mistake they made at Clinch Park I think they should find out how to rebuild our roads instead of just patching the potholes. Our roads are a disgrace. When tourists see what poor roads we have they might change their minds about returning and warn their friends about the poor condition of the roads in the Traverse City area.

Walter Wilczynski

Traverse City

Ads manipulative

Thanks to the Record-Eagle for the recent publication on a misleading anti-Obamacare ad in the April 5 opinion section clarified with the truth by

With elections coming this fall we need all the help possible to translate ads by Americans for Prosperity into the real facts. I have realized for some time that this organization is very unscrupulous and manipulative in how they distort facts (polite way for saying possibly outright lies).

To all voters in Michigan, follow for the truth.

Donald Rau Jr.


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