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April 18, 2014

Letters to the Editor 04/18/2014

Don’t forget firefighters


Rarely recognized and sadly ignored in the Record-Eagle’s supplement “Celebrating Volunteerism in the Grand Traverse Region” are the countless number of volunteer fire fighters and EMS personnel. These men and women, old and young, spend many hours training and keeping up with their certified educational units, usually on their time and their own dime.

We rarely see ‘em ‘till we need ‘em.

Larry Poulisse Sr.

Lake Ann

A safer way to go


Ramblings: Let’s ban smoking in bars and restaurants. Business said, “Can’t do that. Why, we’ll go out of business, have to close our doors.”

Have you noticed all the boarded-up bars, etc.? Me neither. Matter of fact, it seems there are more breweries, bars and eateries than ever.

So, who was right?

Let’s talk about this new way of fracking and Asian carp threat for another 10 years or so, something the politicians tend to do, then look back and say, “Oh, we should have stopped that way back when. Why didn’t we? But now it’s too late.”

Rather, why not stop all that now, talk about it another 10 years or so? If proven acceptable, no danger, then say, “Okay, start.”

Seems the safer way to go.

Carl Neer




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