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June 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/27/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — No easy answers

I have taught swimming for 25 years. Water can be fun. Water can also be dangerous. If the swimming areas close, people will still get in the water. With apologies to Mr. Williamson’s family, some will drown.

Why don’t people learn to swim? There are not enough places offering lessons. Even if people learn, there are no guarantees. People can drown in two inches of water. Why can’t they learn in the lakes? Some do. Others would rather swim in a more controllable environment with warmer water.

The Civic Center does its best but it’s only one place, and can’t meet everybody’s needs. The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa currently has no swim instructor. The Great Wolf Lodge offers lessons quarterly. Traverse City no longer offers lessons. When West Senior High was built, a pool was planned. Pools are expensive, require special insurance and need daily maintenance. Perhaps because of that, West has no pool. No pool at the Kingsley Civic Center, either.

There is no easy answer. Even after the YMCA builds its pools there will always be risk. Hopefully more people will learn to swim - and not just the third-graders.

Heather J. Gruenberg-Seger

Traverse City

‘Look it up’

I read the June 17 letter by John E. McDonald in the Record-Eagle with interest.

It is full of forecasts of doom if we don’t immediately start to remedy global warming. It is well written and interesting.

I could find only one fault. There is no global warming. The predictions are made by “scientists” whose livelihood depends on solving the problem, the problem that doesn’t exist.

I would urge your readers (including Mr. McDonald) to Google “No Global Warming.” They will find plenty of links to articles including one by NASA.

The fact is that there has been no global warming since 1968. As the saying goes, “Look it up.”

Leon Martuch

Traverse City