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June 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/21/2013

Fracking woes

I read (with astounding disbelief) the article regarding Kalkaska selling municipal water to Encana Oil and Gas so they could continue fracturing bedrock and removing natural gas.

If it is “municipal water,” then one is left to assume it’s also treated water, safe for consumption. The only conclusion that I can see is for evolution to speed up. Since we’re trading water for natural gas we better learn how to drink it.

Will we ever wake up and see the folly of our pollution? We have available very finite resources. As we continue to use these resources as infinite we can also stop acting concerned for future generations. The greed and gluttony of our time will negate the future.

Jane Tarnecki



Eliminate programs?


Northport Public Schools is considering eliminating Career Tech and MTA programs from its curriculum.

On June 10 the Northport School Board held a discussion on this at the end of their meeting. The Northport School Board feels that there are problems scheduling needed classes around the Career Tech and MTA schedules. They feel that busing students to and from these programs is too expensive. They feel that students are not getting the quality education they should be getting in English and math by attending these programs. They feel that if students wish to attend the Career Tech Center or MTA Program they should enroll in another school that offers this option to their students.

Leelanau Township taxpayers will continue to pay for these Traverse Bay Intermediate School District programs even if Northport Public School does not allow their students to participate.

Have you attended the CareerTech Center or the MTA Program? What are your thoughts on this? Should Northport Public School 11th and 12th grade students continue to be allowed to participate in these programs?

Northport Public School will be having another discussion on this issue on June 24 at 7 p.m.

Carol and Gary





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