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April 16, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 04/16/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Blame the person

When I learned of the stabbings that took place at a Texas college campus I realized that all societies have come to accept the fact that tragedies do exist. Then I wondered when the president would invite the victims and their families to fly on Air Force One and lobby senators to enact restrictions on knife ownership.

Background checks, registration and more regulations could help prevent the wrong people from getting knives in the first place.

Knives, guns, airplanes (remember 9-11) and explosives are tools and not in themselves evil or good. The next time a tragedy occurs, the person(s) involved needs to be blamed and not the means used to carry out the attack.

Cameron Keim


Will require a permit

Digital cameras are fantastic, and technology is improving daily. However, in the hands of the wrong person, a continuous-shooting camera can be dangerous. Some are advocating limiting unlicensed photographers to single-shoot cameras only.

A move is afoot in Congress to limit our photographic creativity by limiting us to cameras that shoot in all settings but those that allow for multiple shots with one press of the shutter. Some are concerned that a continuous-shot type camera, in the wrong hands, may be harmful to others. The National Paparazzi Association, or NPA is resisting the move.

If the legislation is passed, operating an automatic or continuous-shooting camera will require a special permit from the Camera Licensing Board. Cameras with continuous-shooting capability will also be required to have shutter locks when not in use, to prevent accidental photography from occurring.

Additionally, because the word “shoot” is used in photography jargon, memory cards will be limited to 30MB to eliminate any temptation to illegally acquire cameras capable of taking continuous-shoot mode shots. High-capacity memory cards will be authorized for use by the White House press corps only, as average citizens have no need for such capability.

Jim Miller