Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 24, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 08/24/2012


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Vigilant for change

On Aug. 25, 2004, a speeding driver took the life of my daughter, Adrian, and her friend, Christan. We would later be shocked by his 49 speeding tickets and misdemeanors. But this letter is not about him, it is about a system that failed us.

We discovered we have sufficient laws, but have no system for adequately enforcing them.

After interviewing several law enforcement entities, we submitted a proposal in 2005 outlining a system with escalating penalties for multiple infractions. We have met with a Senator and two State Representatives, all of whom showed enthusiasm for the project. Yet, nothing was done.

The man who caused these deaths got a 50th speeding ticket after leaving prison.

Every day I pass the cross marking the spot where the accident took place, and I see drivers speeding, weaving, tailgating, taking crazy chances. What I don't see are patrol cars. Our safety is at risk, and we are cutting our police budget.

Meanwhile, the system whose environment contributed to the death of two teens remains unchanged. It has been eight years; as long as my daughter is in the ground, I will continue to ask this question: Why is this treated so lightly?

Penny Morris

Traverse City

Who decided pricing?

Has customer service disappeared forever like at the "Mom and Pop" grocery stores? I went to a local store recently, and in order to determine which was the better quantity buy of the same item, I had to take all three sizes of the item I wanted to purchase, find a scanner, scan the items, do the math (which fortunately being over 70 years old I was still able to do) and then determine which was the best deal.

I would like to know who in our government decided it was okay for stores to no longer mark the prices on items.

So now, we scan the items before we get to the register, check them out and put them in bags that fall apart before we are out the door. Next thing you know we will be unloading the trucks in the parking lot.

Furthermore, has anyone else noticed that we are back to company codes instead of month, date and year of expiration on products? You need to hunt up a clerk or call the company after you have purchased the item so you know if it has been sitting on the shelf for two years?

Mary Skarnulis

Rapid City