Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 23, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 08/23/2012


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Letters reflections

The Record-Eagle had two letters on Aug. 19 that I would like to comment upon. Regarding Steve Morse's letter about the pavement restoration of State and Pine streets, I too have wondered how such a heavily used stretch of downtown streets could be in such poor repair for so long. I always thought that pavement appeared to have been chewed up by something like a tank, and thanks to Mr. Morse's perfect sense of irony we now have a plausible reason: It was indeed a "tank trap."

The second letter from George Lints shows that there is no context better than "out of context."

Only the most obtuse of citizens can fail to recognize the fact that no entrepreneur can start and grow any enterprise without electricity, a transportation system and an educated workforce to help produce and ship his product or service. This is the true social compact that exists in every modern economy (and it was) to these elements the President was referring and not demeaning in any way the entrepreneurial spirit.

Marlowe Bonner

Traverse City

Cringe-worthy drive

Every year several bike tours are scheduled along Peninsula Drive. I cringe every time I see the bikes out on that curved road with nowhere to ride except the road shared by cars and trucks. Anyone who drives this stretch of road knows how distracting the beautiful scenery becomes at every curve and a 45 m.p.h. speed limit with no designated space for bikes or pedestrians. Years ago the rule was that a bike license was required to ride on a public roadway. Why can't we reinstate this rule and use the funds to add a bike lane similar to the one closer to town? I hope someone does something before someone is killed or seriously injured.

Carol Butcher

Traverse City