Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 19, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 08/19/2012


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Have chosen to work

The July 30 article, "Teens work through the heat" encouraged and inspired me.

These days, one often hears about young people growing up not knowing how to work hard or be useful on a job.

These seven teenagers, however, have chosen to make good use of their younger years by working under the guidance of dedicated teachers.

I commend the young people for being willing to challenge themselves in order to learn and grow.

I also commend the founders and leaders of this work team for their investment in the next generation.

Young people can gain so much from the instruction of mentors and teachers.

It can be a wonderful learning experience to work under the leadership of an adult who really cares about the development of one's skills.

I thank the Record-Eagle for bringing this program to the attention of the community.

We can all learn much from the initiative of those involved in this program.

If more adults are willing to teach, and more young people are willing to work and learn, then we can have an amazingly well-equipped, productive generation of workers in the future.

Lydia Saldanha, age 17

Traverse City

Essential to our security

Construction began this week on the restoration of Pine and State streets from Front to Union in downtown Traverse City.

Hopefully, someone had the foresight to check with Homeland Security.

For years that two-block stretch of road has been designated a tank-trap absolutely essential to the security of the city.

Steve Morse

Suttons Bay

Wait for the check

If, as Obama states, that someone else is responsible for the success of a business, then that someone else, the government with its roads, bridges and services, must be responsible for drug running, gun walking, robberies, abductions, hit-and-run accidents, access to prostitution, suicides from bridges and flat tires.

If this is the Obama philosophy, then I recommend he go to his office, sit at his desk, have a TV brought in, order a pizza, wait for his monthly government check and let someone else get him elected.

He could also spend more time at the golf course.

George Lints

Traverse City