Traverse City Record-Eagle

September 18, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 09/18/2012


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He's one of us

Dr. Dan Benishek has traveled the district talking with constituents at town halls and tours.

He openly shares his positions on key issues such as health care.

His opponent's campaign is built upon Washington attack ads, and we are yet to learn what his opponent stands for.

I support Dr. Dan because he listens, shares his views and spends time traveling the district. I don't want my congressman to be someone who has Washington speaking for him.

Join me Nov. 6 and vote for Dr. Dan Benishek; he is one of us.

Gail Torreano

Harbor Springs

Money won't be there

As a taxpayer in his mid-20s, I fear that Medicare and Social Security won't be there when I retire if the federal government doesn't deviate from its current path.

I pay into these programs, but my money is not saved for me; instead it pays down the ever-growing liabilities of past generations.

When I reach retirement age the money will not be there and the programs will be gone. That is why this November I'm voting for Dr. Dan Benishek.

He is committed to working hard so that my generation has the same opportunities that his generation enjoys.

Jeff Caviston

Traverse City