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September 11, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 09/11/2012

Support TC firefighters

The Traverse City Firefighters are not only about skilled rescue operations, but serve as educators and role models. Let's support them as their existence is threatened. They've outlined several ways to help bridge operating costs, such as proposed revenue generation by providing primary medical ambulance transport service to the city, collecting at least $250,000 in revenue. They emphasize there would be no out-of-pocket fees to the city residences for hospital transport with their plan. Our city, our fire department.

Kathie Wiley

Traverse City

Since when ...

Since when was it OK to:

Divert 475 times a workers' salary to Wall Street-installed CEO's?

Divert company revenues from its future, customers, workers, through Wall Street to large investors?

Strip 250,000 factories since the '70s from the communities they sustained?

Have 70 percent of the money America transacts controlled by colluding "too big to fails"?

Drain over $50 trillion from the U.S. economy via manufactured bubbles: S&L,, real estate?

Loot retirement funds and other saved earnings via Wall street?

Tolerate airwaves controlled by predatory billionaires spewing distortions, diversions, emotion-provoking half truths and outright lies to desensitize awareness to their pillaging of everyone else's money and well being?

Have our governance controlled by bribery?

Buy candidates and elections?

Restrict citizens from voting?

Answer: Never.


Play an active role in breaking the apparent stranglehold a couple hundred billionaires and a few thousand of their paid minions are attempting over hundreds of millions of decent people — an age old game with new white-collar weapons

Don't make your money available to those who misuse it

Boycott their businesses

With looting disabled there's plenty to fund right things — demand them

Challenge, remove, political agents not representing the common good

Len Allgaier

Maple City

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