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July 13, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/13/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Know what’s going on

Logic and sense are called for when thinking about the recently publicized National Security Agency surveillance. Comparable programs are used every day in almost any science, manufacturing, financial industry, etc., to conduct measurement and risk. Why wouldn’t we want to protect ourselves from terrorists or those who wish us harm in a similar way?

Personal medical information is viewed, trended, used by many people to have a “picture” of you. Banks and related individuals view, trend, use and take action on your personal banking and financial decisions. Meteorologists, seismologists, gas and oil researchers, farmers, do the same … to protect us from tornadoes, earthquakes, gas and oil leaks, food-borne illnesses.

We have to get on and over the hump by wisely, safely, embracing the real value of advancing technology. We need to make decisions, have actionable information, based on sizable, measurable, statistically valid data.

We have been complaining about bad or non-existent intelligence. Thousands have been killed and our response to terrorism has raised havoc on our economy. I say, don’t bash this without knowing exactly what is going on. Let’s just make sure it doesn’t create illegal search or seizure.

Jill Rahrig

Traverse City

Who makes the rules?

I have been distraught as I drive by the Do It Best hardware store on the corner of Zimmerman and Silver Lake roads. I cannot believe the store was made to remove all those beautiful chairs. Every time I drove by those chairs would lift my spirits. The colors were so upbeat! Why does our society have such silly rules?

I will never understand rules that make no sense at all. Could someone tell me what problem those chairs caused? When they were there for the past many years they brought a bit of color and light into my day as I drove by. I smiled! Now all I see are some ugly silver rings. I just do not understand the world today. Who makes these ridiculous rules?

Kathy Tulgestke

Traverse City