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July 28, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/28/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Stop racism and violence

I believe in responsible gun ownership, but near Cinderella’s home, vigilanty rules. There, a person can walk on a public street minding their own business and a man with a gun can confront them even when told not to by police. The victim defends himself with his own fists; the aggressor shoots and kills him. The aggressor is not guilty because he was supposedly defending himself and legally could stand his ground. Why was it not okay for the innocent person on the public street to defend himself and stand his ground? Why can only the person carrying the gun defend himself and be protected by the law? Why is the aggressor not punished for disregarding police and confronting someone on a public street? Ironically, the tagline on the Sanford Florida website is “The Friendly City.” Really, Pinocchio? I feel physically ill from this story, but what can I do? Can I boycott Florida? Unfortunately I have a convention in Orlando next year. I probably should take a gun as that appears to be the only way to be protected by laws in this vigilantly state.

Help stop racism and violence.

Deb Jackson

Traverse City


Identify the watchers

The Travon Martin tragedy would not have occurred if George Zimmerman had been known as a neighborhood watch person. The concealed carry licenses in Michigan and Florida are subject to restrictions. If concealed permit licensees who carry a firearm while performing community security work were required to wear a yellow hat, vest or sash in a prescribed manner, Travon Martin would be alive today.

Requiring those who perform security functions while armed with a firearm to be openly identifiable is sound public policy and such would be a reasonable restriction on the concealed carry privilege. Safety and respect for all would be enhanced.

Joseph G. Aprea, Attorney

Traverse City


Hunter becomes hunted

It has been reported that from now on George Zimmerman will be “looking over his shoulder” and that he is now wearing a bullet proof vest for his own safety. Maybe there’s some justice after all. The hunter has now become the hunted and realizes now how the hunted felt.

Judy Varney