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July 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/27/2013

Be wary, taunters

Concerning the Silver Lake Swan, there is more than one “invasive” species involved in this sorry story. May Karma be visited upon the “taunters.”

Jody Bennett

Traverse City

Truly invasive?

I was very sad to learn that the DNR destroyed a male swan that had learned to vigorously defend his Silver Lake family from the regularly occurring childish torment of stupid humans. Swans usually mate for life and both male and female share in the responsibilities of the nest and the raising of their cygnets. When will we learn to live with respect and in harmony with our wild friends that share this planet? When do you think we will understand that all creatures have a right to a peaceful life? What a black mark on those residents, or as I prefer to call them “invasive species,” of Silver Lake who took it upon themselves to find glee in their routine harassment of a peaceful family. Shame on the DNR.

Beryl Striewski

Traverse City

Swan’s death saddens

Really, killing the mute swan? After reading the article in the Record-Eagle I was saddened. It sounds to me he was protecting his family. When the DNR wouldn’t even consider trying to relocate the whole swan family to another lake because the same issue would arise, well, I beg to differ. I live on a small private lake which is only a few miles from Silver Lake. There are no jet skis, just a few fishermen from time-to-time. We have loons, geese and ducks; they would have thrived here. Shame on the DNR.

Tracey Cejda


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