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July 12, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 07/12/2014

The plight of bees

The documentary “More Than Honey” is profound. Propelling people into bee life, using technology to peer into the bee’s world - when we allow it, the movie transports us to a reverence for intricacies of nature. Our absolute dependence upon creatures for our existence becomes clear.

How could anyone come away without feeling humbled, without recognition of human ignorance in taking for granted astounding processes resulting in the food we eat?

Oryana hosted “Bee Aware” month highlighting crucial issues surrounding the plight of bees. Colony collapse disorder, no mystery, is a combination of environment, chemicals, stress and pathogens. “More Than Honey” gives us a pretty clear indication that moving bees around is stressful on the bees.

The largest beekeeper in the United States looks over a vast California almond orchard. Later we see him scraping dead bees away after pulling the hive out of a semi-truck. Viewers may interpret him as villain, or just a pragmatic businessman who doesn’t see what he is doing as anything worse than anyone else in agriculture.

Food For Thought owner Tim Young said, “If there is any hope for the bees, it is because organizations like Oryana encourage buying organic, local products.”

Barbara Overdier

Traverse City

Yet another lawyer?

Re: new Bishop in Gaylord, I thought Pope Francis was supposed to be about appointing pastoral bishops.

The new one in Gaylord appears to be yet another lawyer.

John Chuchman

Central Lake

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