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July 8, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 07/08/2014

Has improved health

Like many people I have worked at jobs that do not provide health insurance. Even at blue collar jobs at local factories my employers said they could not afford it.

So for years I had to ration my medical care. When insured people might go to their doctor because of a pain I often ignored problems and hoped they would go away. Sometimes they did.

But when I couldn’t ignore signs of an illness I would beg doctors to keep the bill down. Sometimes they did.

Or when I squeezed my budget to buy pills I would cut them in half and hoped they would still work. Sometimes they did.

So when Obamacare became available I started paying an affordable premium and got a Blue Cross card in the mail. I’m grateful to be able to see my doctor and only owe a co-pay. Prescription drugs are cheaper too.

I am puzzled why our Republican Congress fought against the Affordable Care Act. Why do they vote so often to do away with it? Obamacare has done a lot to improve the health of Americans.

David Fredrickson

Traverse City

Legal but not logical

Having read the arguments in favor of open carry of guns in schools, I have yet to read a word about how a student, teacher, principal or other person going about their business in the school is supposed to identify a person as a someone who is legally allowed to carry a gun as opposed to someone who is there to harm them. Could someone please enlighten me?

As far as I can tell, someone walks into a school with a permit to carry a gun and wearing the gun in plain sight is putting that school into lockdown. Why? Because no one knows if the person is carrying a gun legally or not. And even if someone is legally permitted to carry a gun into a school, who is to guarantee that such a person will not use it to harm those students, teachers and others in the school?

It may be legal but it isn’t logical.

Donna S. Hornberger

Traverse City

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