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July 6, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 07/06/2014

Wind can power economy

For a couple of good reasons, Michigan should be generating much more of its energy from the wind rather than from fossil fuels. Data from the National Renewable Energy Lab shows that land-based wind in Michigan can provide 160 percent of the state’s electricity needs. Off-shore turbines could increase that tremendously.

Not only do the state’s 21 wind projects currently have the capacity to power over 300,000 average Michigan homes, wind power is helping to power our economy with well-paying jobs and keeping our air and water clean. At present Michigan is ranked seventh for states with the most wind-related jobs. This means up to 3,000 jobs in fields such as operations and maintenance, construction and manufacturing.

Wind has also brought over $2 billion in private investment into the state. Given our rich industrial history, skilled labor force and huge potential for more growth, wind is on pace to bring even more to the table in Michigan.

Charlie Weaver



A fear-minded approach

In light of the recent stance Traverse City Area Public Schools has taken toward the legal open-carrying of firearms inside their schools, I believe the district has taken a fear-minded approach toward this issue. Guns aren’t going to go away, and there is no way to prevent criminals from getting guns.

So, why are they trying to keep them away from responsible citizens? Why is TCAPS making a law-abiding citizen look like a criminal by placing the school on lockdown and having a police officer escort them around the property?

TCAPS is sending a message to our children that all guns are bad and that everyone who legally owns a gun is bad.

Legal guns serve a purpose in our society, police officers protect us from criminals with guns, our military protects our freedom with guns, hunters provide food for their families with guns and we protect ourselves with guns.

Society has gotten worse and unfortunately we have to accept that school shootings happen, but why send a message of fear? Why not send a message of hope and make our kids feel safer knowing that a responsible person with a gun isn’t there to hurt them but there to protect them?

Nick Hawkins


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