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July 5, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 07/05/2014

Stop shelter initiative

Continuing your concerns raised in Sunday’s editorial with the ordinance change by our City Commission allowing homeless shelters in the city, here are just a few of the many reasons why 517 Wellington is not the right location for a homeless shelter:

- It’s smack in the middle of the Eighth Street Corridor Revitalization Project that this same City Commission just spent two years developing.

- Of 60 businesses located in the Eighth Street Corridor (Union Street to Woodmere Avenue), only three showed little concern about the shelter affecting their business.

- The Boardman neighborhood is over 200 families that will be directly affected.

- A five-county task force has been formed and is in the process of researching various ways to deal with the homeless issue. But yet the majority of our City Commissioners are fully supporting the 100-bed shelter before this task force finishes its findings.

- Safe Harbor professes they want to end homelessness and this shelter will enable them to do so. However, I have yet to see a study that shows shelters are the answer. Quite the contrary, over the past decade studies show that shelters hinder slowing the homeless problem.

Help the Boardman neighborhood stop this initiative.

Sharon L. Neumann

Traverse City

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