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July 3, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 07/03/2014

War on CO2

It is essential we declare war on CO2. We must design, build and install alternative energy mechanisms (solar and wind) and the infrastructure to use that energy, immediately.

The benefits are many, including rebuilding a middle class with the creation of thousands of jobs as we had when America mobilized for WWII. That effort brought us out of the Depression and created a middle class and the taxes they paid built our highway systems, schools and infrastructure. We will also provide a future for our children.

The private sector is reluctant (the fossil fuel industry thwarts massive alternative energy efforts), therefore the government must act. Eliminate tax breaks for the top 1 percent, fossil fuel companies and other corporations (many of the most profitable corporations pay no taxes and receive welfare from the government) and use that money to switch to alternative energy.

Our representatives are bought and paid for by the groups mentioned above so it is up to the American people to throw those representatives out of office, regardless of political party, and elect people willing to make this crucial change. Our elected officials must represent the people, and only you can make that happen with your vote.

John McDonald

Traverse City

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