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June 29, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/29/2014

Not listening

Pat Buchanan is much better at telling people how to serve their country than serving it. Pat is of the age to serve in the last “anti-communist” war. Vietnam, which was also my war. But since Pat, like former Vice President (Cheney), couldn’t be bothered with putting on a uniform because they had careers to build, I have a hard time listening to him about service or honor. Pat told Hunter Thompson how he got out of ROTC by getting in a fight with a couple of (Washington) D.C. cops.

I have too many friends who came back from Vietnam damaged or didn’t come back at all to listen to anything one of these chicken hawks say.

Don Seman


Making a decision

E-cigarettes have taken off. A recent article in the East Middle School newspaper explains how it is becoming popular. We have sat in restaurants and even at the bookstore while vapor from a nearby patron reaches where we are sitting. My kids watch as other kids legally smoke, or vape, these devices at the Civic Center Park.

A recent decision to allow this recreational drug to be used at our parks was applauded by the makers of e-cigarettes, according to this Up North Live quote, “Representatives from A Clean Cigarette are pleased with the decision. They say parents should have the final say when it comes to their kids being around the devices.”

My family is making the decision now. If it is allowed at an establishment or park, we will not be there. Traverse City is better than this new way to consume a drug, potentially more than just nicotine, and we care for the future of our children.

Families, please join us in making sure we do not make another public health mistake in allowing a cigarette that can be, in the words of the e-cig maker “smoked anywhere.”

Bill Clark

Traverse City

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