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June 28, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/28/2014

Get involved


If you really want to make a change and are really that passionate about something, perhaps you should get involved in your community instead of bad-mouthing someone who holds a different opinion than yours.

In the past few years Andy Marek has attended most county Board of Commissioner meetings on Wednesdays, monthly Green Lake Township meetings, multiple monthly Traverse Area District Library meetings and the occasional school board meeting. In addition he takes time out of his own schedule to meet with both federal and state representatives in Lansing on topics that he is passionate about. Yes, he strongly believes in his Second Amendment rights.

Is being passionate about something really so wrong?

To those who have voiced their opinions about Andy Marek, I ask you this; how devoted are you to your community? How many school board meetings, county or city commission meeting or local meetings have you attended? How many personal days off of work have you taken to drive on your own dime down to Lansing to discuss with your representatives about something you feel strongly?

Noel Mac Neil



Voters hoodwinked


Last fall, I voted for the Grand Traverse Road Commission millage to fix and repair our county roads.

As I drove south on County Road 633, new striping has been done. Too bad the lines are crooked due to cars having to avoid the potholes and ruts in the road.

Good job, Road Commission; again the voters have been hood-winked.

Kathy Bickel




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