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June 25, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/25/2014

Doesn’t take much

I appreciate Mr. Harris for bringing to our attention that it doesn’t take much to condemn to execution that defenseless little life in the mother’s womb who never had a choice or a chance.

God help us for being so unconcerned for the helpless.

Rosalie Ehl


Plan not realistic

The problem with the forum of June 13 by Ms. Del Buono: it’s as realistic as “Perpetual Motion.”

She claims having the Fed levy a steadily increasing fee (tax) on CO² producers, starting with $10/ton and increasing $10/ton every year after, isn’t regulatory.

She suggests that the corporations won’t pass the entire tax costs on to consumers. Consumers would be fortunate if only the tax cost was passed on.

She infers (I think) that businesses will reject long-term payment of the “tax” and will hurriedly convert to CO²-free electric generation at no cost to consumers, and the planet will be saved.

Germany tried switching from nuclear electric generation to wind and solar. After only partial conversion their average electric cost to consumers increased to almost triple the average cost American consumers pay. Their businesses and industries have pressured the government to cease and desist before they can’t compete against foreign competitors.

Incidentally, the United States has significantly reduced CO² generation in the past few years while China and India significantly increased theirs. Check the products you purchasep; China is “eating our lunch” and they buy and use all the coal they can.

James Benner


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