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June 22, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/22/2014

Be prepared

Concerned about concealed carry?

I am a concealed carrier. I went through the training and the FBI background check, as does everyone getting the license. We are not trigger-happy, looking for trouble. I’m quite sure most of us pray we never need to us our weapon for self defense. But just like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, I hope I never have a fire in my home but they are at the ready just in case. I prefer to be prepared than just be a victim.

R. Paul Haywood

Traverse City

Place where reason ends

“Where reason ends so does the law,” was the first legal maxim I was spoon fed in law school (I’ll spare you the Latin).

A recent transplant to Traverse City I was astounded to learn that while no Michigan law specifically states that citizens can openly carry firearms in schools, no state law expressly prohibits it. Therefore, this has been interpreted to mean that open carry is allowed — with a few exceptions. Per MCL 750.234d it is illegal to possess a firearm at eight different gun-free zones, including: an establishment licensed under the liquor control code. (!)

Schools’ visitors are less prone to violence than liquor store customers? Has Sandy Hook been forgotten? Are liquor store employees more important than schoolchildren? Currently, one must relinquish one’s gun before purchasing alcohol, but is free to strap it right back on while visiting a public school, perhaps even after consuming the liquor store (or bar) products.

Arming responsible, well-trained school employees is far better than allowing anyone to enter a school, gun dangling from his hip? This is where reason ends.

Let’s imagine a world where schools are as valued as liquor store.

Isiah Smith Jr.

Traverse City

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