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June 20, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/20/2014

VA care ‘excellent’

I am writing in light of the deluged, negative comment in the national media regarding the Department of Veteran Affairs.

I have been dealing with the Traverse City VA Clinic for roughly 12 years and can state categorically that the care I’ve received is excellent in every way. The staff is consistently professional, prompt, considerate and gracious and is deserving of my admiration and appreciation.

I cannot be more grateful that they are here in Traverse City.

Tom Ropers


Unnecessary expense

According to the Record Eagle, Traverse City Light & Power wants to raise electric rates and at the same time spend $350,000 to expand their “employee eating area in order to seat all line employees for a meeting.” Apparently Light & Power feels that it’s unnecessary to do a cost benefit analysis of renting a conference room at the Hagerty Center for $500, for those occasional “all line employee meetings,” verses spending $350,000 to expand their own facility.

When challenged by Commissioner Carruthers as to this being a “non essential expansion to the facility,” at the same time they are proposing a rate increase, the board responded with — “the project is in the budget.” End of story.

Budgets are just that, budgets. They are not an automatic authorization to spend funds and should not be used as the justification for a project that is in question. The question remains unanswered. What is the cost benefit of the $350,000 expansion? Is it really necessary at this time? Is this $350,000 facility expansion as necessary as the electric rate increase?

Gordie La Pointe


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