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June 17, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/17/2014

Guns killing kids

David Bieganowski, a National Rifle Association firearms instructor, writes (June 12 Forum) “The world can be a dangerous place and it’s good to be prepared to defend themselves against criminals.”

He elaborates that people want to protect themselves by carrying firearms “nearly all the time and nearly everywhere they go.”

I did not realize that Traverse City was such a scary place with violent people swarming about that we needed people like Mr. Bieganowski armed and ready to shoot whomever looks dangerous. This is the NRA hype, folks — a paranoid world where men can be men with their semi assault weapons in Target stores, teachers armed and defended against irrational students, etc.

Who has pushed the sale of guns and ammunition to everyone, even against the stand of the police? The NRA. Who heavily supports the NRA? Why, gun manufacturers. Follow the money, folks.

As for Mr. Bieganowski, I congratulate him on teaching gun safety, but as he well knows, guns, guns, guns are killing kids everyday in the home, no violence intended.

Priscilla Cogan


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