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June 12, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/12/2014

Expect common sense

A letter to the editor (June 2) titled “Logically bankrupt” argues the right to carry guns onto school grounds is justified as a basic human right to defend oneself. Those who argue otherwise, the author claims, view their opponents (of which he’s one) as “ignorant” and question the “reasonableness of such advocacy.”

Therefore, those who oppose guns being allowed onto school grounds (presumably by adults only) are marked by the letter’s author as “antithetical to human rights,” tyrannical opponents of the “effective self defense” ideal, of “authoritarian ilk,” and are truly the ones who are “ignorant, unreasonable and of course, logically bankrupt.”

Now, I suspect most people don’t want anyone carrying firearms onto a school ground (except law enforcement) because guns have no business being there. Schools are meant to be places for educating and studying. People don’t want their children and students’ sense of well being and security needlessly imposed upon by those hankering to pack iron in order to show-and-tell a constitutional right. It seems to me this is a very reasonable, commonsensical expectation and a wise policy regardless of Second Amendment concerns.

In the author’s letter the only “bankruptcy” shortcoming is in his sense of priorities.

Allen McCullough




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