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May 5, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 05/05/2012

Impossible to believe

I take exception to Kathy Gibbons' April 29 column "What's the sin in being nice."

I find it impossible to believe that two Catholic priests, when answering her request for a wedding, gave a terse no and hung up.

Was there no explanation as to the need for membership in the parish, permission from the downstate parish, a required waiting period, the need for a series of instructional meetings or a divorce situation?

Remember, the local parishes are not the "wedding chapels in Vegas" of the north.

Before Ms. Gibbons paints the Catholic church with her broad brush, I would like to know what really transpired and maybe even the name of the church contacted.

For full disclosure, let it be known I am a Catholic and do not always agree with the actions of the church, but again find it difficult to believe the article in question.

Dick Rewalt

Traverse City

Project of epic proportion

Many years ago my wife Karen and I, with our little children in tow, visited the Traverse City area on yet another family vacation.

On this trip we ventured tentatively toward the cool, old building with the neat cupolas we saw in the distance.

Like thousands of others we discovered the old State Hospital in a state of ruin and disrepair.

Who cared? We were awestruck by its broken-down charm.

Exploring around the building we came upon a workman in a hard hat, Ray Minervini Sr., and rather than shooing us off the property he kindly invited us to take a little guided tour with him.

How delighted we were to see the Record-Eagle article on the cover of the April 29 business section commemorating the 10th anniversary of this project persevering through thick and thin.

The Minervini Group has accomplished something remarkable, creative, beautiful and tangible at the State Hospital grounds and others like us might even say a project of epic proportion.

Congratulations to the Minervini family. We appreciate your place-making efforts, your community commitment and for thinking of us and hundreds of others as extended family sharing the dream.

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