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June 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/15/2013

Integrity the key word

As Ron Tschudy’s letter of May 29 opined about the GOP “gerrymandering” to favor a few 2012 GOP wins and professed that filibustering by the GOP (the Dems have never used that tactic to further one of their bills, now have they?) killed several Dem bills, I couldn’t help but think about all that’s going on in Washington today.

I couldn’t agree more with his comment, “Our strength as a nation depends on the integrity of our political system.” Integrity being the key word here.

Does he honestly think that’s a quality of Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General? And how about IRS executive Lois Lerner, pleading the Fifth when testifying before the House Oversight Committee on “targeting” conservative groups applying for a 501c4 status? And Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, when the embassy in Benghazi was attacked, where she said, “What difference does it make why our embassy was attacked?” Why, Mrs. Clinton? Because four brave Americans were killed and their families deserve to know why, and America deserves to know why.

Where was our president when all this was going on?

Yes, integrity across all party lines is desperately needed.

Sharon L. Neumann

Traverse City

Not in best interest

The quandary over what to do with the Traverse Bay Intermediate School District’s cash reserves is tragic.

Suggestion: Ask each of the separate school districts to present a strategic plan projecting capital expense requirements over the next five years. This is what a responsible business would do. Then ISD can construct a strategic plan incorporating all of these and lay out a plan to fund it.

In this way, we could avoid the kind of fiasco we just experienced with a poorly planned bond proposal and even more planned program to explain and justify it.

Collecting money without a defined purpose and then proposing a purely arbitrary fund balance policy is not in the best interest of this community. Of course, if ISD’s auditors have a basis for their recommendation, let’s hear it.

Francis Newton

Traverse City

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