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November 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 11/08/2013

A waste of resources

I was dismayed about the Oct. 12 story “Resident sues TC over Bijou deal.” Why is a former mayor suing the city about the Bijou? This lawsuit is a waste of taxpayer resources.

The facts:

City gave the Film Festival a 10-year management agreement to operate a movie theater at the Con Foster building.

The building has been beautifully renovated at a cost exceeding $1 million. This building was in disrepair, formerly used as a closed warehouse.

Because of the Bijou marquee issue, we know more about Con Foster than we did before.

We have a new theater with an interesting proposed marquee and Con Foster signage.

Probably more people visited this building at this year’s film festival than in the last two decades.

I applaud the commissioners and Film Festival for assuming the risk to turn a liability into the attractive Con Foster/Bijou. Different than what happens in Washington, we have a project supported by the people, led by a non-profit organization working with city government with a “can-do” attitude — using private, not public, funding.

The city should not waste its time and dollars on this frivolous lawsuit.

David Taft

Traverse City

Not missing robo-calls

Does anyone else appreciate the relative quiet of an off-year election?

I certainly haven’t missed the constant mealtime interruptions from political robo-phone calls.

Little value comes from the huge waste of money spent on negative ads. The only beneficiaries are those who write and sell them.

How anyone who doesn’t directly benefit can contribute to these campaigns is beyond me. I know, the response is, “The other side does it.” It is a sad commentary.

Next fall the depressing political process will repeat itself with nothing positive put forth. In 2014 I’d consider the candidate whose ads simply say, “The next 30 seconds of peace and quiet are brought to you by …”

Alan Hartwick


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