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October 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/30/2013

A listener and learner

I’m voting for Gary Howe for a strong Traverse City. It’s not because he advocates for bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure. It’s not because he believes in a community of diverse people making a difference, or that he’s dedicated to making a difference. It’s because Gary Howe gets it. He’s a good listener, a learner, he’s respectful, and he knows all this contributes to sound economic development for this city. Furthermore, Gary Howe is reasonable. And considering the political antics in Washington and elsewhere, reason is not to be underestimated in the halls of government.

Bill Palladino

Traverse City

Ability to follow through

Tim Werner would be an excellent choice for one of the three seats that are open on the Traverse City Commission. Tim listens and absorbs all points of view and then formulates an educated opinion. His ability to take charge and follow through is one of the many assets he has in his corner.

Please vote for Tim Werner in the upcoming election.

Lynne Moon

Traverse City

A strategic thinker

Michael Estes is a high quality individual and should be re-elected Mayor. Michael is gracious, generous and is a strategic thinker. He has exhibited good leadership of council and sound governance. He cares deeply about Traverse City, its people and its future.

Re-elect Michael Estes, Mayor of Traverse City.

Deb Jackson

Traverse City

A clear thinker

I am writing in support of Tim Werner for Traverse City Commission. He is well known to me since moving to the city 13 years ago. He is a scientist, engineer, and a clear thinker with common sense. He is a problem solver and will analyze issues in a systematic manner to arrive at solutions that will be of benefit to our community for the present and the future. He understands business, our environment, and most importantly, human nature.

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