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October 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/15/2013

True enemies?

A billionaire is wealthy because of the middle class; without us, he is poor. Likewise, we are a great nation because of the taxes we pay, and not in spite of them.

First class public schools, fire, police, with other agencies add more local value than defense.

Politicians who seek to destroy our government by attacking these institutions are the true enemies of the public good. Many appear to have learned law, economics and science Sunday school.

Maybe our veterans would like to join me in thanking these other government employees for their service to our country too.

Tim Wiley

Traverse City

The right skills

Many of us are extremely angry and frustrated by Washington’s inability to function responsibly. While this is a priority, we also need to be paying attention and involving ourselves in our local government.

The changes facing us as Traverse City grows are not to be taken lightly by our City Commission. It takes a much broader understanding of issues to see past quick fixes too often applied. I believe Tim Werner is someone with the skill set to handle the challenges facing this area.

He would be a true asset to have working for us.

Meg Franklin-Judd

Traverse City

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