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October 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/11/2013

Provide the proper tools

As a parent of two Traverse City Area Public Schools students I understand passing the bond proposals is a must for our community. TCAPS schools provide a great education, sports, arts and extracurricular activities for students. We value the use of Central Grade Auditorium and Central High during the Traverse City Film Festival as well as the many other forms of public use. Let’s provide our children with the proper tools, technology and safety measures to further their education.

Deferring maintenance is not an option. If the proposals do not pass it will be detrimental to our schools.

Michelle Kalbfleisch

Traverse City

We all want health care

The anti-healthcare acting Tea Party-goers have tossed their Mad Hatter hat and shut the government down. It’s my guess the 10 percent who approve of this Congress’ job performance own 90 percent of our nation’s wealth. The new healthcare act will be funded by less than a 1 percent tax increase on the wealthy’s capital gains. It’s their money, and they can shut us down.

No one says I don’t want health insurance and neither should you. No one says the female gender is a pre-existing condition so insurance companies must charge them more for the same policy a man buys. No one says I want my kids without insurance when they turn 18. No one says if you’re old, you are too old for insurance. No one says even President Obama wasn’t in favor of the individual mandate. No one says this new healthcare policy is almost exactly that of the Republican Party’s answer to Hilary Care. “The Consumer Choice Health Security Act”

What they do say is “shut it down.” So, they did. That’s plutocracy.

Barbara Whitmore

Traverse City

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