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May 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 05/16/2012

Plan is out of date

Retirement for teachers at one time took about 12 percent of the education budget. Now it's up to 27 percent of the education budget, and the education budget for the state is close to 60 percent of state money. How much more would you like?

Teachers getting a retirement is not my complaint, but a plan that is out of date with current times is not a good thing for the education system. Look at the postal service now and what their retirement plan has done to it. Do you want to close more schools for your retirement?

The plan needs an update. If teachers have to pay a little more or do with less, so is everyone else. If you don't want to be part of the change you are still free to make a new career choice. The taxpayers of this state don't always get competitive compensation for their jobs, however they do have my heartfelt appreciation for their unwavering commitment to our state.

Bob Walters


'Bully' gets State kudos

I just want to say how much I appreciate the State Theatre in Traverse City for bringing the movie, "Bully" to northern Michigan. Our family searched all over trying to find a theater that was showing it. The State Theatre was the only one north of Bay City that we could find.

It was an outstanding documentary. We wish every teacher, principal, superintendent, school board member and employee could watch it.

There's too much pain out there among young people today and, like theaters did with this movie, we tend to ignore it.

Kurt J. Kolka


'Same rules' a fallacy

I was cut off by a male bicyclist in a fluorescent green shirt on Center Road on the Old Mission Peninsula April 29. This made me stomp my brakes to avoid hitting him and caused me to spill my groceries in the back of my vehicle.

This once again exposed the hypocritical fallacy of the "same roads, same rules, same rights" propaganda. We who are operating motor vehicles are admonished via signage to "share the road." Signs proudly proclaim that we are a "bicycle-friendly city." When will we see scofflaw bicyclists ticketed for behavior for which anyone driving a car would be cited?

Tom Kowalski

Traverse City

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