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August 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 08/15/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Clearly the aggressor

In reference to the letters from Deb Jackson, Joseph Aprea and Judy Varney: it’s amazing how people can simply ignore facts and rant about a situation.

They weren’t in the courtroom to hear the evidence, didn’t take it upon themselves to learn the truth and took the side of the person that was clearly the aggressor, according to the evidence.

But hey, it’s just the evidence.

Trayvon Martin was not an innocent bystander. He had drugs in his system that can cause aggressiveness and bad judgment. Zimmerman’s wounds proved to the jury Martin was the aggressor.

The liberal press repeatedly referenced race and Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law as reasons for Zimmerman’s actions when neither were proven relevant.

There was no evidence to justify it. Still, liberals and even our president fan the flames of racism.

We didn’t hear the president taking up the side of two white, unarmed, British tourists gunned down in 2012 by a black man, did we?

Loss of life is always sad, especially when it’s a young person, but blindly following the liberal media like lemmings over a cliff and twisting the truth isn’t the answer.

Jim Miller


Swans were harassed

Concerning the demise of the Silver Lake swan, our family attended a Fourth of July picnic on the west side of Silver Lake. This mute swan and his family were swimming on the lake minding their own business in front of our picnic spot.

There was a lot of activity on the lake with the association’s boat parade and other boaters and jet skiers. These swans weren’t hurting anyone until we watched jet skiers run right towards the swans. It’s only Mother Nature reacting to anyone trying to hurt his family.

We saw him take flight after the jet skiers because he and his family were being harassed.

A lot of residents, especially visitors, enjoyed watching these graceful creatures.

We’ve been at this picnic area quite a few times and have watched the swans year-to-year. We’ve yet to see any Department of Natural Resources personnel or marine officers checking on boaters who’re speeding or the reckless driving of jet skiers.

Did the DNR observe the activities of those harassing the swans before making their decision to shoot it? Why couldn’t the swan family have been relocated to a more secluded area?

Tracey Whitten

Traverse City