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April 26, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 04/26/12

Appreciates the support

Many of us have been active in the Occupy movement in Traverse City for over six months.

We have endured the occasional insult, freezing cold, wind and rain in order to remind fellow 99 percenters of our power to restore economic justice for the poor and middle class in spite of the greed of the wealthy few.

Rest assured, the movement is alive, well and making a difference.

What's it about?

Putting an end to government corruption.

Restoring democracy.

Rebuilding our system to support the people.

We realize that not everyone can hold signs in the cold or attend countless meetings to plan events and actions.

We are also aware that attaining these goals will take time and hard work.

Therefore, we want to say we appreciate all who support Occupy in other ways: Our families for understanding our commitment, those donating and providing space for meetings, people asking questions and staying to discuss the issues, who honk, smile and wave, street musicians, all educators, visitors and to the amazing gentleman who so graciously provides cookies every week.

We momentarily complain about the calories and then devour them. Join us.

Marcia Hales


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