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April 25, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 04/25/2012

American cars as good

I wonder how many people realize that when they buy the foreign cars that are sold here in the states, the bulk of the money goes out of the United States to the country that has the corporate headquarters.

Some foreign car companies have bought land here in the U.S., built factories to assemble their cars, hired local people to assemble the car, buy parts from many local vendors, pay taxes on the land that the factory sits on, but the bulk of the money that is paid for the car still leaves the United States.

Toyota, Honda and Nissan goes to Japan; Hyundai and Kia goes to Korea; VW, BMW and Audi goes to Germany; and Volvo and SAAB goes to Sweden.

There are plenty of American cars that are just as good as or better than the foreign imports.

Gerald F. Hendrickson

Traverse City

Don't sell cemetery land

Oakwood Cemetery was originally willed to the city by Perry Hannah for the sole purpose of maintaining a city cemetery. Through commission processing, the surrounding property of the existing cemetery has been zoned park land, enabling it to be sold to lessen the city deficit, as suggested by a commissioner.

Those of us who have purchased plots for our final resting place at Oakwood have to be in awe of its serene natural beauty. How can this beauty be maintained as willed when zoning has been changed? This is the only cemetery owned by the city of Traverse. How can a property willed to the city be sold as parkland?

I urge all city residents to contact the mayor and commissioners to voice their opinions regarding this suggested action.

Ann Marie Alpin

Traverse City

Why favor bayfront?

What is it about our bayfront that takes precidence over all other public property?

Our local government had no qualms about disregarding hundreds of emails, phone calls and public statements requesting them to save the Spirit of Traverse City.

What makes the bayfront plan, which most residents of Traverse City don't give a hoot about, more important than our horrible streets and sidewalks, leaving storm damage piled up in the street for a month and trying to discontinue spring cleanup?

Local government was so desperate to start work on their project that they felt the need to "extort" one million dollars from Traverse City Light & Power to save the poorly-planned, so called improvements.

I suggest that the city gift the train to the local group which is trying to make the best of the city commission's bad decision. And I believe that as long as Light & Power is being forced to kick in $1 million for the bayfront that they also give the citizens, who pay the bills, $1 million to save and move our train to the Grand Traverse Commons.

Paul Nepote

Traverse City

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