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September 9, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 09/09/2012

Move the fireworks

With the announcement of the Cherry Festival starting next year on June 29 at the request of the city of Traverse City, don't you think it would be smart of the city of Traverse City to move the fireworks they plan on the Fourth of July to another day just to prevent Traverse City residents from having fireworks twice in three days, then none during the other 362 days?

But I am talking about the City Commission of Traverse City, a commission that has made one lame-brained move after another (Shall we bring up the Spirit of Traverse City fiasco as a reminder?).

Mathew Branch

Traverse City

Vote them out of office

The Grand Traverse County Board is proposing a $31/year special property tax assessment on all septic tank owners in the county to support the septic treatment plant. I am opposed to this special assessment because I am a resident of Long Lake Township and our township was not a participant in the construction of this plant. Why should we pay for the lack of oversight by the five townships that funded this failed project? If the county board wishes to prop up this project, then it should only apply the special assessment to septic tank owners in those five townships. Also, as we are summer residents, we do not need to pump our tank every year.

I suggest that every property owner in Long Lake Township, and the other non-participant townships, to voice their opposition of this assessment to the county board.

And, if they pass this assessment, we all should remember this fact when those board members come up for election and vote them out of office as they are not fairly representing the interests of Long Lake Township property owners.

Emil L. Martinec

Traverse City

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