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October 29, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 10/29/2012


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Think about judges

If you haven't yet decided who to vote for, consider this: The next president will likely nominate one, and possibly two, Supreme Court justices. A Republican president will surely nominate conservative judges, only one of whom is needed to lock in an activist conservative Supreme Court for generations.

The Roberts court, already the most conservative of the last 75 years, overturned 100 years of precedent to give us Citizens United, the fruits of which you currently enjoy on TV. A five-vote conservative majority will certainly overturn a great deal more, including Roe v. Wade.

Anita Abbott


Back to what?

A Republican political ad states, "Take Back America." Back to what? To the Bush years that erased a budget surplus and got America into the mess President Obama inherited? Let's "take America forward."

President Obama has made progress by, among others, creating jobs, increasing consumer confidence, improving the housing market, revitalizing the auto industry, winding down wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and passing equal pay for women. Following numerous distorted Republican anti-Obama ads, many racist, Obama's command presence and record of accomplishments demonstrate his exceptional leadership, qualities essential for another four years. Vote Democratic to continue the way forward.

Bill and Kathy Steeves

Traverse City

Stabilized funding

As another tourism season in northern Michigan comes to a close, the Traverse City Convention and Visitors Bureau is reporting a double-digit increase in business over last year. It's evident Pure Michigan has been a major reason why. For that, we can thank state representative Wayne Schmidt.

House Bill 4160 (Public Act 3 of 2011), sponsored by Rep. Schmidt, increased funding for Pure Michigan to $25 million per year and created a stable source of funding for its continued success. It's clear Wayne Schmidt has represented Grand Traverse County very well in Lansing.

Please vote for Wayne Schmidt Nov. 6.

Alex Mowczan

Traverse City

Say 'no' to Dr. No

Vote "no" for "Dr. No."

Dan Benishek went to Congress and joined the ranks of the obstructionists, pure and simple. He became a "Dr. No," voting "no" for women's health and birth control rights, "no" for regular Medicare, "no" for clean air and water, "no" for equal pay for women, "no" for college tuition help and "no" for the jobs bill and infrastructure investments which would have brought so many jobs to northern Michigan.

Dr. No's negativity certainly hasn't "fixed" Congress or helped us one bit. So let's also vote "no" for him (Dan Benishek) in November.

Joan E.Begeman


We'll all benefit

When I was a teacher, I often wondered which students I might be helping me in the future. I think we need to support the upcoming bond issue. If students can experience safe, secure environments, use the latest technology, and have better opportunities to express themselves in the arts, we'll all benefit. Our community cannot attract quality professionals if the schools are not healthy.

Let's make the investment. If you own a $200,000 home, your investment will be about $80 a year. That equals about a $7 a month increase. Please vote for our students and vote for our community!

Candice Wallace


A matter of trust

You have been asked to trust this fall that the citizens of Traverse City and the State of Michigan can come together to improve safety for all at the 11th and Division intersection. Trust is a difficult thing. It does not come easy and it can be dashed in an instant. Yet, if any city in Michigan has a track record of working together to achieve great things, it is Traverse City. You may choose to forego trust as too intangible. Until you come upon the scene of an accident. Then you know there is no other road than trust.

Jeanine Easterday

Traverse City

The writer is a Traverse City commissioner.

Dedicated to job

I encourage all Blair Township residents to elect Lynette Wolfgang as Blair Township Clerk. Lynette was first appointed unanimously by her peers to fill the position in February of 2012, when the clerk resigned. She has worked vigilantly to apply all new election laws that have been implemented during the last few months. Her dedication to her job and that of the clerk's office commend your support. Vote Lynette Wolfgang Blair Township Clerk Nov. 6.

Monica A. Hoffman

Certified Municipal Clerk

Peninsula Township Clerk

Traverse City

Business, financial skills

My family met Dr. Dan Lathrop shortly after he established his practice in this area in 1975. In the years since then he has had a successful practice, been on staff at Munson Medical Center and served on many boards, including being past chairman of the Medical Ethics Committee of the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association.

Dr. Lathrop's business and financial skills, as well as his genuine concern for people, would make him well qualified to meet the challenges facing the Grand Traverse County Commission.

Please consider voting for Dr. Dan Lathrop.

Cindy Fricke

Traverse City

Long-needed updates

Our students compete with their downstate peers in academics, athletics, art and music on an uneven playing field. The stakes are high as they compete for college admissions, internships, and jobs.

We can all agree that disparate per-pupil funding is a problem, but it cannot be solved within our community.

But we can ensure reasonable facilities by passing the bond proposal. A "yes" vote will bring long-needed updates to our schools, and prevent the gap with our peers from widening even further than it is now.

Steven R. Fox

Traverse City