Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor: At issue: Election 2012: 10/14/2012


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Real judicial experience

Kirsten Keilitz is the most qualified person for probate judge.

She has extensive experience as a full-time court domestic relations referee and Grand Traverse County Juvenile and Family Division referee.

As referee, Kirsten Keilitz has heard and decided hundreds of the same types of cases that come before the Probate Court.

She is the only candidate with real live judicial experience. A vote for Keilitz is a vote for experience.

Lee Hornberger

Traverse City

A safe place to learn

I am writing to encourage voters to learn the facts about the Traverse City Area Public Schools bond proposal. Sixty-two percent of the bond funds are to rebuild four elementary schools and to fix essential needs like heating, plumbing and electrical upgrades.

Our kids deserve a safe place to learn. Please visit to learn more about this proposal and its benefit all for our students. Vote "yes" for our students!

Michele Howard

Traverse City

Operate within times

The November ballot includes a request for $100 million for 10 years of capital improvements. Traverse City Area Public Schools recently mailed a $20,000 brochure urging approval.

However, it failed to indicate that this bonding request includes $26 million for a new performing arts center.

We want to support reasonable student needs. But many of us are on fixed incomes or unemployed.

Presently, our tax bills include 30.14 mills for school-related assessments. Let TCAPS operate within today's economic times. Start by cutting administrative expenses.

Vote "no" on the TCAPS bonding proposal.

Gerard Jackowski


An ideal candidate

Kirsten Keilitz gets my vote for probate judge.

My work as a lawyer puts me in her referee's courtroom frequently.

Family law disputes are always difficult, but she handles matters with a calm demeanor and an attitude of fairness to both sides.

Her experience as a lawyer and as a family court referee and her personal qualities make her an ideal candidate for probate judge.

Chris Campbell

Traverse City

Don't be steered

Do not allow the media to steer your vote this election.

A few days ago Mitt Romney was toast in their view. The debate changed that.

Given the prior election's results with Barack Obama winning 53 percent of the vote, simple math shows that only one of every 15 prior Obama supporters need change their votes to Romney for a Romney victory to occur. Just one.

I can't understand why any would re-elect this disaster given our country's performance, but I implore all conservatives to work extra hard and pray for our country.

Brian Spencer

Traverse City

No place like home

Do you like the idea of rising property values? Do you cherish the convenience of driving 10 minutes to see a highly qualified cardiologist, oncologist or surgeon? Do you want your tax dollars to go directly back into the community to create jobs? Do you value a community where the children grow up and discover there's no place like home to live, work and raise their own families? Should you invest in our public school system?

Ask a Realtor. Ask your doctor. Ask a business owner. Ask a child.

Vote "yes" on the Traverse City Area Public Schools bond proposal.

Libby McKay

Traverse City

Able and experienced

Daniel Lathrop has been a successful business owner in Grand Traverse County for 37 years. He is willing, able and experienced to make tough financial decisions. He has developed strong communication skills while serving as chairman of the Department of Podiatric Medicine at Munson Medical and as a member of a variety of other board of directors. These skills will serve him well as commissioner.

We need our county commissioners to be good listeners. Dan is that person. I urge you to vote for Dr. Daniel Lathrop for county commissioner on Nov. 6.

Peg Brace

Traverse City

Has stood up for GOP

Being a Republican is a choice that I made because I do not feel the government should have the ability to tell me how I live my life. The Congressional race currently going on in our District is a great example of how Dan Benishek has stood up for the Republican Party.

He voted to stand against the Affordable Health Care Act, proving that it is wrong for the government to force an unwanted tax on America.

That is why when it comes to voting this November, I will be supporting Congressman Dan Benishek and the Republican Party.

Jeanette Sherman

Traverse City

Thoughtful demeanor

As a lawyer, I have known Kirsten Keilitz for many years. I have often admired her integrity and thoughtful demeanor. So I was not surprised when she was offered the position of Family Court Referee by the sitting Circuit Court judges — a fact that I think says a lot.

Since she became a Referee, I have observed that same integrity from the bench ... listening fully to both sides, and then providing a measured response that is smart, fair, and well thought out. That is what makes a great judge. Join me in voting for Kirsten Keilitz on Nov. 6th.

Maura Brennan

Traverse City

Extensive experience

I have studied the brochures sent by both candidates and have researched their web sites to learn all I could before casting my vote Nov. 6.

One candidate states, "Only candidate with extensive experience."

The other was appointed in 2009 after being chosen over 12 others to the position of referee and chosen by the Circuit Court judges.

She is the only candidate with extensive experience. She currently presides over all Probate Court matters on a daily basis.

Please join me and vote for Kirsten Keilitz.

Thomas Schmuckal

Traverse City