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December 9, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 12/09/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — From three to four?

Back in high school I was taught in civics class that there were three branches of our government.

Today things have changed. There are now four branches of government — thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, Americans now have a ruling body that consists of the Judicial, Executive, Legislative and Corporate. Too many of our representatives are well bought and paid for. The middle class and poor have no voice because they can’t afford it.

John Billette

Traverse City


Should be thanked

If I were Herb Salgat I wouldn’t criticize Betty Kunkel’s concern for the unborn as he did in his Nov. 29 letter; if we all lacked compassion for defenseless unborn children I’d hate to guess where we’d be since we all start out that way as part of God’s plan.

He talks about women forced to have babies they don’t want and ending up as a burden to the taxpayers for lack of an easy abortion, which is legal but a great moral wrong.

I’ve never heard of a woman being forced to have a baby in the context he speaks about. Besides, the time for a woman to be concerned about having a child is before she gets pregnant, not after. Usually, the very people that point fingers at others as not helping unwanted, abused or hungry children are the ones that do the least.

People like Ms. Kunkel should be gratefully thanked. Those that adopt or show love and provide care of unwanted children, as well as the mothers that bring forth their babies through birth yet feeling they can’t provide the needs of their little ones should also be gratefully thanked.

Joe Lamie Sr.

Traverse City