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October 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/08/2013

Integrity, intelligence


Ross Richardson is a man of integrity and intelligence. Ross prides himself on being informed on all sides of all issues. As a County Commissioner he worked hard for his constituents. As a City Commissioner voters can expect the same high level of representation.

Traverse City voters have choices. Cast one of your votes for Ross Richardson, he will not disappoint.

Lynn Larson

Traverse City


Be heard on fireworks


After reading that a church burned to the ground caused by fireworks in Kentwood in 2012, I presented a petition signed by Blue Note Home Owners to the Green Lake Township Board in September of 2012 requesting a fireworks ordinance to protect our homes and families. Ignored, I brought the request to the July 2013 board meeting. The issue was sent to committee. I joined the committee.

The committee submitted three proposals in September but no public comments were allowed. Instead, ignoring the requests of voters weary of the noise pollution, inconsiderate neighbors, the county noise ordinance and the state’s request for a “common sense” ordinance, board members discussed allowing fireworks 365 days.

A concerned board member sent me this email: “You need to marshal the forces for the public hearing next month, make it or break it moment, think fireworks every night until 1 a.m. if certain board members have their way.”

The state gave some control to local governments to act with “common sense.” Come to the Oct. 14 meeting at the fire station at 6 p.m. or call Supervisor Paul Biondo (276-9329) and support a common-sense fireworks ordinance.

Cher Cronican-Walker


Constitution meaning


The Sept. 15 “Mini Page” in the Record-Eagle on “Our Constitution,” including the Articles and Amendments along with the definition of checks and balances, enumerated powers, separation of powers, implied powers and federalism, not only refreshed my memory but can be very helpful for those not familiar or a parent discussing these items to their children. I applaud your contribution of re-educating us to understand how our government works.

Therefore, as recipients of the Constitution, we should take the time to be involved in selecting those who run for political positions to honor the true meaning of our Constitution.

John Sanchez

Traverse City



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